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High school students to study abroad

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Core Tip:IntroductionoftheuniversityofWashingtonAttheUniversityofWashington(UniversityofWashington),foundedin1861,has150yearsofhi
Introduction of the university of Washington 
At the University of Washington (University of Washington), founded in 1861, has 150 years of history, is located in the United States the most suitable for living and working in Seattle city, is a famous University, the world's top 2012, the United States newsweek 42nd world University rankings, Britain The Times world University ranking 23rd, world University research paper quality was ranked no. 4, is also home to the U.S. west coast University, with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan. 
Washington university ranks among the top ten research universities in the country, the national research council of America's top university research level total ranked ninth, the American institute of university scientific research level of America's best universities ranked eighth. Annual budget of $5.7 billion, 2012, at the university of Washington research budget of $1.7 billion, the world for a long time at the university of Washington university the three fiscal expenditure and research funding, has been higher than that of Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology and the university of Cambridge. 
There are three campus at the university of Washington, Seattle (Seattle), paso (Bothell) and Tacoma (Tacoma), three campus Shared huada national rankings. Seattle campus includes 17 colleges, Dr For a freshman to the undergraduate courses and research opportunities, Bothell and Tacoma mainly provide various courses for undergraduates and some graduate. 
The university of Washington the ieps require curricular modules preparatory project profile 
In order to satisfy the partial fraction less than the desire of the students to study at the university of Washington, university of Washington opened the ieps require curricular modules (English) strengthen the preparatory courses. The toefl and SAT scores of poor students in Seattle campus first after the ieps require curricular modules preparatory course of study, to enter the Bothell campus beginning freshman courses. If you want to apply for undergraduate courses in Seattle campus, not less than 92 points need to issue the toefl or ielts language not less than 7.0 points. 
The ieps require curricular modules preparatory totally divided into five levels, each level school for three months, all the courses completed huada Seattle campus. Primary core courses (1 to 3) including grammar, listening, reading, writing, and college preparation, such as elective courses have conversation topics and vocabulary and idioms, etc. Advanced core curriculum (four to five) preparation, including grammar and university elective course has advanced writing, such as toefl preparation and professional English. 5, after the completion of 80 points for each course, students can helicopter huada undergraduate courses. 
Huada the ieps require curricular modules preparatory course thammasat international education center 
As the the ieps require curricular modules project office of thammasat university of Washington center for international education, especially for Chinese students opened huada elementary courses (1 to 3) will not only six months at the core of the compression to six Zhou Jianghua course, also added more U.S. humanities course, make students better adapt to study life in the United States. 
Completely using the ieps require curricular modules in Washington university course teaching material, teaching outline and evaluation standards. 
All the teachers at the same time, the excellent teaching in teachers personalize counseling for students. 
Six Zhou Jianghua huada courses for students to save time and cost. 
Personalized entrance guidance, make the students to study huada. 
Course of time 
On July 15, 2013 to August 24 until 6 weeks (rest on Sunday) 
Course content 
The ieps require curricular modules, hearing the ieps require curricular modules the ieps require curricular modules speaking, reading, and writing the ieps require curricular modules, the history of the United States, American literature, university courses, etc 
Recruit students object: school students or high school graduates. 
Early recruit holidays: 
U June 30 2000 yuan in cash discount after enrolment students; 
To end on July 1-15 1000 yuan in cash discount after daily cadets. 
Seattle, Washington university officials meeting: 
A. Time: on June 22, 2013 (Saturday) 14:00-16:00 
2. Location: Beijing international conference center thammasat international education center 6 floor conference room 
3. The school rep. : Ian Hoorneman, the current U.S. delegates (Seattle) the ieps require curricular modules project office in Washington 
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