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A new certificate to be careful

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Core Tip:Qualificationcertificateisasymbolofpeopleskills,nowallkindsofthecertificatesbymanypeopleasahigh-payingjob,goingtotheseni
Qualification certificate is a symbol of people skills, now all kinds of the certificates by many people as a high-paying job, going to the senior white-collar class tickets. Someone joked, China has fully into the era of textual research. In many industries, the certificate is more and more popular. 
In April 2000, the first foreign certificate by China certification: London city commercial retail industry association management service personnel qualification certificate  OSTA - C&G  after approved by the ministry of Labour and social security in China registered in China, it is in our country legal qualification of the first foreign vocational qualification certificate. 
In April 2002, began to undertake the Peking University health science overseas nurse qualification examination, to cultivate high level nurses abroad; Beijing manages has cooperation with the university of Cambridge examination committee to open "business management" and "financial management" major, graduates of rural junior college diploma and at the same time also will be issued by the senior Cambridge examination committee financial professional management certificate. 
At present, the certificate has eight big family: ACCA (the chartered certified accountant certification), the CIA (international certified internal auditor certification), CISA (certified information systems auditor), CGA (Canada) certified public accountants, PMP (project management certification), WBSA business planner certification (), HIAA (certification of medical treatment insurance) and the CCIM registered business investment in the us (division). A large number of "foreign" qualification certificate into China, to China's "textual research" overwhelmed. But actually the cost of the certificate is also considerable. Such as through ACCA14 exams, need 30000 yuan, including examination fees accounted for more than half, groom cost about $1000 per door. 
Experts remind is doing a lot of dazzling, the certificate must keep an eye, more false in order to avoid some training institutions "create" what "Clayton international certification". 
At present there are many domestic units and individuals have also piled into the certificate training market, economic power, but due to various training institutions faculty, sites, such as training quality high and low. Many inferior training institutions often pull tiger banner, boasts about hype up on advertising, such as to pay money to find the teaching material is "anachronism", "shrink" even without class can get the certificate. Statistics show that in all apply for certification of degree certificate, 10% of the certificate is not true. The situation is very complicated, have a plenty of fabricating non-existent overseas university degree; Although some "foreign diploma" on the university there, but the applicant didn't go to school in the school. More is through the agents to some university or study abroad, but because of their learning quality cannot be in the form of a paper, transcripts, etc to scientific assessment, so often refused to accept the certification about the unit. Experts believe that a person's genuine and not a thin sheet of paper to carry. "Foreign diploma, certificate" in many units are not seen. Diploma is just a piece of ticket, whether you have a "foreign diploma" or "diploma" soil, unit of choose and employ persons is now focused on work experience and experience, as well as the workers in the public praise in the industry, and blindly "worship", it is not necessary. 
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