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The most popular foreign language training institutions survey results

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Core Tip:SelectaschoolbytheEnglishchannel(www.sina.com)andsinanet(www.zexiao.com)jointlylaunchedin2002myfavoriteforeignlanguagetr
Select a school by the English channel (www.sina.com) and sina net (www.zexiao.com) jointly launched in 2002 "my favorite foreign language training institutions TOP survey" activities, concluding that a group of outstanding foreign language training institutions, to become outstanding in this activity. 
Ten big famous English training organizations have dell international English school, the more practical management, ford standard English, Wall Street English training school, global ielts, li Yang crazy English and modern English, British auxiliary language training center, the new Oriental school, ABC foreign language school. 
Ten English training institution has potential international ielts school, President regan macneil language training center, the city of sail training schools, Jin Jilie sincerely cultural education training school, Jin Shiji school, schools, new kernel of the training center of National People's Congress, the new foreign language school, the new Chinese school (crazy English), Dali training center; 
Excellent popular English learning methods have dell three-dimensional loop specially trained, oral Deng Ze carving, Wall Street English learning method, Jiang Bo passion association method, li Yang crazy English learning method, phonetic teaching method; 
Good oral English training institutions have dell international English, ford standard English lesson (zhongguancun modern language school), English, new Oriental school, modern English; 
Good ielts training institutions have international ielts, Beijing ielts, global ielts, Jin Jilie ielts, thought will ielts, new Oriental ielts. Good business training institutions have of the language training center, the more practical management training school, Wall Street, with research institute, the new orange English; 
Excellent green children's foreign language training institutions are: sincere culture school, the giant, ABC foreign language school, new kernel () li Yang crazy English school, the auxiliary language training center (EF international chain school); 
Excellent grade class had health course in English language training institutions, blue courtyard as a foreign language teaching and research center, National People's Congress new kernel of the training center, new foreign language school. 
Characteristic of outstanding foreign language training institutions have buaa horsepower foreign language training center (English) subconscious, sincere culture school (children's amateur education achievement), Jin Jilie education training school (ielts teacher training), blue school as a foreign language teaching and research center (bo's bo's voice), a new easy English education (word memory), modern English teaching (TV). 
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