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White-collar business English charging figure

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Core Tip:CanspeakfluentEnglish,isoneoftheessentialoutfitintoforeigncompany.Englishisauniversalbusinesslanguage,statisticsshowthat
Can speak fluent English, is one of the essential "outfit" into foreign company. English is a universal business language, statistics show that at present the world 75 countries and regions in English is the official language, more than 80% of the computer information in English for the interface. If who's English is "half bottle", certainly cannot communicate with blonde boss � "have a good business plan, will also be a discount or even give up because of can't express myself correctly. Not only lose the chance of promotion and a raise, but also can't explain wang likely to lead to misunderstanding. 
According to a famous headhunting consultants, most foreign companies especially the European and us companies have the English proficiency requirements, some large state-owned enterprises, high-tech private enterprises to employees also English range requirements are put forward. When hiring, foreign companies are usually to test your oral English conversation, no matter how high just want to read some daily documents and related business data; Some foreign companies require employees to drafting, writing simple business report; Use English to negotiate the requirement is very high, not only English proficiency, correct pronunciation, and be familiar with the business etiquette, negotiation skills, professional knowledge, etc. Foreign enterprises in recruiting talents, or watching a candidate's English level 4 or level 6 certificate, or a specialized English test, as a result, English is a "key" to enter foreign companies. 
At night time after work or weekends or holidays, English training institutions in the classroom, all full of white collar around the age of 30. Delicate hair style, fashion handbags, light fragrance, flavor, is a scenery. "Spend a night in the classroom, is another kind of fun, as if returned to university period." Worked in a Hong Kong company Tarcy said. "In fact from class English level is general, but you can know many classmates, we age, 3 months down to become friends, and going back and forth on the job!" Mr Wang said. 
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