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Australians jaw-dropping mathematical ability

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Core Tip:[inAustralianetwork(aozhou.Liuxue86.com)-inAustraliaprepared】australiansjaw-droppingmathematicalability,beforehewenttoA
[in Australia network (aozhou.Liuxue86.com) - in Australia prepared 】 australians jaw-dropping mathematical ability 
, before he went to Australia to locals are not good at arithmetic has heard earlier, after living here for a period of time, some of the details of a smile to the global times reporter for Australian mathematical ability, especially the computing power can't compliment. 
Australians crappy mathematical level reflected everywhere in our daily life. Reporter saw in an electronics store in the center of in Canberra, a mobile U disk price is $8, and 3 of the same usb price is $28, more expensive than buying the $4. In addition, in the end of the season at a discount, the reporter has also seen a $300 7 fold the sale of goods, the price is a $199 price tag. Compared with the computing power of the human brain, australians seem more trust and rely on the calculator, on the phone calculator software commonly used is an essential part of their daily life. 
Internet with the story of a young Chinese buy eggs in Australia, a Chinese bought 12 eggs in the supermarket, each egg a $0.2, the total price even Chinese pupils can blurt out, while the supermarket cashier side doubt looked at his hands out a $2.4, while slowly took out the calculator to calculate the addition add 0.2 12 times. When at last on the calculator display figure 2.4, the cashier exclaimed: "you're a genius!" It makes the Chinese young people in distress situation, jokingly replied: "of course, I am a Chinese." 
Reporter heard that Australia has a lot of liberal arts college students, the order of the arithmetic of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division was very troubled. Australian institute of family education, the researchers found that four or five years old children don't know a third base number, can't count from 1 to 20, six or seven years old children in a third of the one who is, won't count for simple measurement with a ruler. The reporter discovers by visiting a few bookstores, Australia more elementary school mathematics teaching material used in the pictures, pure text word problems and calculating the math problem. Compared with the simple calculation ability, mathematics curriculum in Australia is more focus on training students to apply mathematics to the study of life and other disciplines. Perhaps this is Australian students in pure mathematics ability as one of the reasons for the other countries of the same age. Australia is not sensitive to mathematics, not only in some basic scientific concepts are often confused. The Australian academy of science, according to a survey released recently 40% of them I didn't know how long it takes the earth around the sun. 
Is responsible for the royal Melbourne institute of technology university student educational administration work of liu told the global times reporter, Australia in the sixth grade primary school student learning arithmetic, and the Chinese primary school students in second grade can be calculated the skilled. Because the exam can use calculators, students don't have to recite the multiplication tables. As for Chinese students must bear in mind that science formula, Australian students only need to understand, usually lists all the formulas in the exam, the students have to do is to pick them, application. Now, Australia for its math, science, education concern about the prospects. Australian students for science neglected in the past decade, enter oneself for an examination with specialized mathematics of the university students by 15%. The royal college of university of science and engineering, for example, as the entrance when college students mathematics performance requirement is higher, the number of students coming from China and India are much more than their students. Australia has realized this problem, began to think of some way to science education reform, stimulate students interest. 
The original source: http://wWw.LiuXue86.Com/a/1789250.html 
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