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2013 hot study abroad countries who study abroad trend, rounding

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Core Tip:2013hotstudyabroadcountrieswhostudyabroadtrend,roundingAnotheryearend.Atthistimeoftheyear,countrieswillbeaccordingtothes
2013 hot study abroad countries who study abroad trend, rounding 
Another year end. At this time of the year, countries will be according to the statistics of the number of international students, to do a review and summary. In 2013 for the hot study abroad countries, all is a fruitful year. 
In addition to the U.S. in 235597 Chinese students still dominate, Canada, Britain, Australia, the number of Chinese students has gradually developed into the "leading pillar" of the situation. 
Rose: population in the United States, degree surge in school" 
Recently, the American international education association issued a New Year's open doors report data. According to the report in 2012/2013, the Chinese students studying in the United States hit a record high, up to 235597 people, more than 2011/2012 annual growth of 21.4%, accounting for 28.7% of the total number of international students in the United States. Accounted for 25.4% of the total proportion of international students in the last year, and there was a 3.3% improvement. This is the fourth year in a row, China sent the most students to the United States. 
From the point of studying stage, 2012-2013 to 339993 the number of undergraduate students in the United States, more than 2011-2012 annual growth of 9.9%; Graduate students reached 311204 people, compared to 2011-2012 annual increase of 3.6%. It can be seen that the rapid increase in the number of American undergraduate study led to the rapid growth of the total number of study. In the next few years, China's undergraduate students is likely to be more than the number of graduate students, has become the mainstream in the us. 
Although students rising, the school is not so enrollment expansion, thus objectively led to the school acceptance rates plummeted. In the famous American ivy league, for example, in 2013, harvard college acceptance rates as low as 5.8%; Yale university fell to 6.8% from 7.35% last year; Princeton university acceptance rate also fell to 7.9% from 8.39% last year; Columbia University acceptance rate of 4% this year, down from 6% last year. The same is true in other several ivy league school. 
Canada: students "satisfied", Chinese students account for thirty percent of the lead 
According to the international bureau of education in 2013 Canada report on Canadian international education situation, the rapid growth of the number of international students in Canada international students to the Canadian education system and the Canadian social attitudes, satisfaction is high. , Canada in 2011 accounted for 5% of the world's international students, become the most popular destinations in seventh. Since 2001, the number of international students is up 94%, the total number of over 260000, 5000 people in 2012. About 55% of students receiving college education in Canada. In it, Chinese students accounted for 30%, the Canadian students of the same source than India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and add up the total number of more than 2011 years, the number rose 20%. In addition, Canada as a study abroad destination are also greatly increased. Report in 2013, a survey of 25 1509 international students of universities and colleges, only 20% said that in addition to the Canadian school and apply for other countries. This number, is dramatically lower than 45% in 2012. 
Study abroad in Australia: age, six city on the "best school area" 
According to the Australian consulate general in Shanghai commercial education consul Xu Peiyi introduction, there are nearly 10 Chinese students choose from high school start studying in Australia. Study carried out, highlight the more and more families choose to Australia as a child to study up series, such as planning the implementation of the determination. Because to Australia high school, can enjoy convenient as well as local students entrance, after graduating from high school, can apply for the world first-class university with high school grades, this is the biggest advantage. 
In addition, the recent British institutions of higher education research QS released 2014 annual global top 50 "best school city", a total of six cities in Australia, the number of global second, second only to America. Sydney, Melbourne, in the fourth and fifth places respectively, Brisbane on 26th, Perth, 30 in Canberra, 37 Adelaide is 38. In fact two two cities Sydney and Melbourne, both has the high quality of higher education resources, a higher proportion of international students and is a good job. But Sydney is more outstanding, it is because of the Australia's financial and economic center and one of the world's most livable cities have a higher quality of life and learning environment. 
To and to: foreign students will amount to 500000 in 2020 
This way, Chinese studying abroad number is increasing year by year; There, China has become a lot international students heart yearned for the study in the holy land. "Best school city" list, China's Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and scored enough to prove it. 
The ministry of education, director-general of the department of international cooperation and exchanges Zhang Xiuqin recently mentioned, was founded in Shanghai in recent years at New York university, ningbo university of Nottingham university, xjtlu and other international cooperation, helps develop the internationalization of education in China is very big. Average annual growth over the past five years the number of the students are all double digits, the nearly 330000 students in China. To this, the international cooperation and communion department of Chinese has formulated the "study in China plan", will take courses in the new, the measure such as increase of foreign language teaching, scholarship, strive to make the students studying abroad in China reached 500000 in 2020. 
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