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Kyoto university plans to improve the proportion of English class students doubling plan

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Core Tip:中新网12月2日电 据日本新华侨报网报道,为建设成世界级水平大学,作为国际战略的一环,日本京都大学提出的目标显示,到2020年将英语课比例增至30%,并力求实现派遣和接收留学生人数以及聘用外教人数倍...
Kyoto university China news network - news 】 【 intends to improve the proportion of English class students doubling plan 
School name: Japan's Kyoto University said 49-year-old kyoko University 
Location: Japan, Beijing city 
Schools set types: comprehensive university 
Time: established in 1869 
Education: bachelor degree graduate student online courses 
Properties: public schools 
Student number: 21813 
School address: Beijing urban area left Beijing yoshida, the town (606-8501), 
School Chinese website: http://riben.qdcglx.org/school/6342 
The Kyoto university plans to improve the proportion of English class achieve students doubling plan ", the news reported by China news network on December 10, qdcglx.org reproduced for studying abroad. 
News on December 2, qiaobao Japan xinhua net reported to build into a world-class university, as part of an international strategy, target, according to the proposed by Japan's Kyoto university English class ratio increased to 30% by 2020, and strive to realize send and receive the multiplication and hiring foreign teachers plan to foreign students. 
Recently, according to Japan's asahi shimbun, Kyoto university put forward the goal, according to the 2020 college and graduate school English teaching proportion mentioned from the current 5% to 30%. In addition, as part of an international strategy, Kyoto university also plans to 2020 years ago to send and receive foreign students and foreign teachers employment plan. 
Kyoto university was set up in 2013 "international higher education institute." The education institute is mainly responsible for nurturing education course teaching. Kyoto university plan from the year of 2014 began to hire 20 foreign teachers every year. And Kyoto university plan in 2020 the number of international students receive from the current 2000 increased to 4300 people. Foreign teachers employment increased from 240 to 500. Employment and foreign researchers from 2950 to 6000. 
Kyoto university international bear three Mr Richard waving said: "this is a very high goal. Have been added to the graduate school of English teaching. In the future, will also promote the education course of English teaching." (Guo Guiling) 
Source: http://www.qdcglx.org/a/20131210/1773325.html 
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