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In 2013, global business school graduates employment grew by 6%

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Core Tip:In2013,globalbusinessschoolgraduatesemploymentgrewby6%Recently,GMAC,publisheditsglobalresearchreport,accordingtotherepor
In 2013, global business school graduates employment grew by 6% 
Recently, GMAC, published its global research report, according to the report, compared with 2009, 2013 business school graduates of the employment grew by 6%, 90% of the global business school graduates find jobs successfully. 
Nationality according to the report, the specific proportion of employment for students in different countries and regions, including the asia-pacific countries is 85%, with 95% in America, 92% in Latin America, India is 87%, European 82%. 
According to GMAC, a separate survey showed that 79% of MBA graduates from China before graduation he had won a job opportunities, higher than the global average of 60%. This highlights the demand for business management talents in China. 
GMAC's chief executive, David Wilson, said China's economy continues to grow, to the education of the common value and huge opportunities in the field of business, for business and management professional students in China provides the development of the soil. 
The original source: http://wWw.LiuXue86.Com/a/20131211/1789174.html 
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