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Were held in 2014 GRE normal 29 candidates for up to five times a year

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Core Tip:Beijingtestreport-newsandinformationwereheldin2014GREnormal29candidatesforuptofivetimesayearWereheldin2014GREnormal29can
"Beijing test report - news and information" were held in 2014 GRE normal 29 candidates for up to five times a year 
"Were held in 2014 GRE normal 29 candidates for up to five times a year," the news by Beijing test report on December 10, qdcglx.org reproduced for studying abroad. 
Beijing, China (www.qdcglx.org) for studying abroad exam at the ministry of education test center recently announced, 2014 GRE studying abroad (www.qdcglx.org) examination in 29 were held were normal. Students can take up to five times a year the examination. 
The examinee must first understand the rules before enter oneself for an examination the GRE. Candidates to hold the second generation id original to take an examination, otherwise will be refused admission does not refund or turn on; 30 minutes earlier than the appointment time report to the examination room; In addition to the GRE confirmation letter and id card, any personal items into the exam. 
The examinee to take the GRE test to two intervals of 20 days, namely 21 days from the last test, can take the exam again. Mr GRE director of communications and services Dawn Piacentino pointed out that the policy of "21 days" can let the students to participate in the second test soon, and don't miss the application deadline. To apply for graduate school and business school students, GRE allows students to choose their satisfactory result send to apply for colleges and universities. Retake the examinee can only send your selected result. Examinee, however, don't take any chances because the number increase, because every time the GRE scores will be recorded on the transcript, including the lowest grades. 
At present, reduces the rote GRE test, added to the logical reasoning test. Chinese part to remove analogy antisense questions such as, reduced to investigate the simply memorizing words, will be difficult to fill in the blanks and read the topic. The math part increased online calculators, which emphasizes the data analytic ability, examines the examinee to more close to real life. Writing section will provide a topic every subject. The examinee when test should not only carry the word slowly but surely, also want to learn to use logical reasoning is analyzed. 
Attachment: the GRE general test schedule to China in 2014 
On January 11, on January 19th 
On February 23, 
On March 9, on March 29 
On April 13, April 26 
May 10, on May 18 
June 7, June 22 
On July 5, July 13 
August 17, August 24, August 31 
On September 13, on September 18, on September 25, on September 28 
On October 12, on October 19th, Oct. 25 
On November 1, November 16, on November 22, 30 November 
On December 7, on December 20 
Source: http://www.qdcglx.org/a/20131210/1772078.html 
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