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Australian students working deducted wages

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Core Tip:[inAustralianetwork(aozhou.Liuxue86.com)-theAustralianstudyabroadnews】theAustralianstudentsworkingdeductedwagesAustrali
[in Australia network (aozhou.Liuxue86.com) - the Australian study abroad news 】 the Australian students working deducted wages 
Australia sing tao daily reported that two students from China for replacement of 9900 yuan, is a fair work the ombudsman help recover this time was the largest to deduct wages. Both during the Chinese in 2012 on a student visa for an IT company in Sydney's central business district when advertising salesman, did not get a press enough time pay, also did not enjoy the weekend overtime and public holiday wage subsidies, when their work was suspended, did not get a pay they should enjoy all the rights and interests. 
Fair work of the ombudsman is received by the unfair treatment of employees after complaints investigation, the 12 people help recover skimp on pay. 
According to reports, on behalf of the Australian tourism catering services and cleaning workers union yesterday (22nd) in Melbourne a campaign, exposing unfairly exploiting international students of the employer. 
United Voice said that trade union exploited to students, the most serious job is MoShi lowest salary. "We have heard that there are students who travel catering services work, an hour at most seven or eight yuan", United Voice secretary WeiSheng Walsh (Jess Walsh) said, "the Australian current minimum wage is only more than 16 yuan per hour". United Church (Uniting Church) righteousness and international working group is Isaac (Mark Zirnsak), "said Dr Overseas students who have the office cleaners have never seen the employer or payroll. A recent union survey of the 200 international students, found that 25% below 10 yuan per hour or compensation, six adults less than minimum wage. 
United Voice also refers to that students reported by discrimination and abuse. "It can be a group of Chinese or Indian students Yu Dasha inside work, only to find that his treatment with other colleagues in the difference in arrangement", "they may be allocated more difficult to work. If wrong, will be severely reprimanded". 
International student visa conditions they can only work up to 20 hours a week. Many students need to work for a living, but the union refers to their weakness, easy to use unscrupulous employers. "We know most in the dilemma of students for fear of reprisals, find it hard to appeal to the government department and defend their own rights, or to participate in the activities of trade unions", sarkozy said. 
An anonymous students in Australia (ABC) program on Newsline, said he was in Australia in 2009 years, found to find a job that pay enough to pay his rent is difficult, only when workers paid ten yuan of washing the dishes. When at last he found a paid $17 office cleaning, although significantly improved, but less than the compensation has been widely accepted by the industry is still 7 yuan. 
United Voice refers to the fact that there are many people like the student's employment at notorious by illegal skimp on artificial cleaning service contractor. The increasing number of companies hired points contractor demonstrations. 
United Voice raid in September MoShi 13 offices, found nine building services contractor to below standard pay salary recruit students, some companies have been labor presiding in the court reprimanded and penalties. 
The original source: http://wWw.LiuXue86.Com/a/20131211/1789245.html 
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