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The first overseas Chinese university campus construction agreement has been signed

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【 China education news network - China education news - news and information, the first overseas Chinese university campus construction agreement has been signed 
Construction agreement has been signed, the first overseas Chinese university campus "by the China education news network news - China education news reports on December 10, qdcglx.org reproduced for studying abroad. 
The first overseas Chinese university campus will be built 
Xiamen university, Malaysia campus construction agreement has been signed 
Report from our correspondent (www.qdcglx.org) for studying abroad, China development bank to fully support xiamen university Malaysia campus construction agreement, signed in Kuala Lumpur recently, this is the first university in China to overseas construction independent campus, the campus. Xiamen university, the President zhu chongshi started holding said efforts to build a xiamen university campus in Malaysia are steadily, has been to Malaysia on approval on construction procedures, for the end of this year or early next year. 
According to introducing, xiamen university is located in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia campus, close to the airport, follow jiageng style architectural style. Campus covers an area of 150 acres, a total construction area is 300000 square meters, planning students total scale of 10000. Including bachelor, master, doctor 3 education levels, students give priority to with Malaysia and southeast Asian countries, teachers, the use of the global recruiting way, born than keep in 15:1, full credit system. 
Xiamen university, Malaysia campus will construction by stages, the first phase construction area of about 200000 square meters, the scale of students for 5000 people. Plan in 2015 for the first batch of students, enrollment of 500 the first year. In 2020, is worth about 5000 students. First set up the Chinese language and culture institute, school of ocean and the environment, business school, medical school and school of computer and five colleges. School satellite will be according to the first issue of the education situation in the second phase of the construction. Ii set up a school of chemical engineering and energy, electronic engineering institute, institute of biological engineering, materials science and technology institute, school of animation and cultural creativity, etc. 5 colleges. 
It is reported, xiamen university, Malaysia campus will strictly abide by the laws and regulations of Malaysia, management mode will be the President responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. 
Once the news of xiamen university, Malaysia campus construction about, a lot of people can not help but ask: why is xiamen university rather than other universities? Why location in Malaysia, not elsewhere? Xiamen university party secretary Yang Zhenbin said: "the xiamen university with Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries have special feelings and connection. Where is Mr Jiageng grew up in Malaysia, where we start, are the feedback of history." 
Malaysia people of profound Chinese soil and the pressing needs of the quality of higher education resources in our country and has become one of the reasons at xiamen university eventually start in Malaysia. According to xiamen university vice-chancellor at great light, many overseas Chinese in Malaysia, the number of more than 600, a quarter of the population. At the same time, Chinese education in Malaysia and asean countries to carry out the best country, retained complete from high school Chinese education system. "But compared with developed Chinese primary and middle school education, Malaysian Chinese higher education resource is relatively scarce, at present only a few a few Chinese universities, far cannot satisfy the Chinese community demand for higher education." 
Source: http://www.qdcglx.org/a/20131210/1774596.html 
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