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Global MBA schools ranking top Harvard University

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Global MBA schools ranking top Harvard University 
In the annual QS world university rankings, Harvard University will be at the top, and the English for international business school is within the scope of the best schools in Europe and Asia. With the international business school (also often translated into European institute of business administration Insead) compared to the department of campus in France, its campus in Singapore in the top five. 
QS world university rankings has just published an MBA (master of business administration) list of the school. The main measure of the ranking is the world's 4318 college students employment information and evaluation, to sort out the top 200 MBA colleges and universities. The prestigious Harvard University is still in the highest point of podiums forever. Followed by other American counterpart university: five universities or colleges offer MBA education, the highest score is harvard and Stanford universities in the United States, followed by the British and the French international business school campus, London business school campus in Europe and Asia Singapore campus of the English for international business school. 
In the QS world university rankings 200 schools, of the top 33 is called the global elite circle. In these 33 high on the list of schools, 12 is located in the United States, six in Canada, Britain and Spain have three... France has only two. In the work in terms of salary, students of the highest average wage is Switzerland lausanne international management development (IMD), school of salary of $159.912, followed by Stanford university, MBA graduates yearly salary at $156.265 on average. 
The rankings of the second measure index is more conducive to France, the rankings for the English for international business school (based in Fontainebleau and Singapore's business school) is proud, because it not only is Europe's first name, is also the first in Asia. 
However, the ranking also to France's higher education is a wake-up call: this year, France's university or college in the QS world university rankings relative decline. Last week, however, QS world university rankings just Paris as the best student cities in the world, this is the second year in a row in Paris. 
In Europe, after the English international business school, is one of the best business school in France Paris higher business research institute (HEC), it only to the tenth of the world. Relative to the QS world university rankings in 2012, its ranking dropped two, backwardness and the same type of school in Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Shortlisted for the QS world university rankings by another French school, its seating arrangement has been ranked 29th, namely higher economic business school (Essec). This year, it fell six places - be relegated to "global emerging school". In later, France north of higher school (Edhec) is included in the column of "regional elite", and Grenoble Sorbonne university school of management has lost its original places. Within the scope of the "regional emerging school", such as Lyon, high ranking in Europe also lost 12 places, only account for 50. On the contrary, like Oxford and high Spanish ESADE business. 
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