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Study abroad: the easiest business employment in science and engineering is a difficult problem

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Core Tip:Study abroad: the easiest business employment in science and engineering is a difficult problem In a recent study show, many fall a lot of students and parents consultation, will ask: "the professional and employment now?" Recently, the ministry of
Study abroad: the easiest business employment in science and engineering is a difficult problem 
In a recent study show, many fall a lot of students and parents consultation, will ask: "the professional and employment now?" 
Recently, the ministry of human resources and social security announced a set of data show that last year alone, returned students 272900 people, up 46.57% from a year earlier. 
Study abroad destination highest employment of international students 
Recently, some institutions in zhejiang province on the 29th to exam abroad study abroad exhibition, 2013 students of zhejiang professional planning and employment report. 
The investigation of the report is more than 1100, 2012 ~ 2013 graduate students in zhejiang, respectively from the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and other seven countries and regions. 
According to the report, more than 7 into students graduate in half a year to find a job, "technical flow", such as computers, professional jobs more easily. 
Three hit in the current Chinese students to study abroad in the United States, Britain, Australia, is Australia's highest employment of international students. 
86% of the students in zhejiang after obtaining a master's degree in Australia, within half a year or local home employment smoothly. Most students hasn't found work, because want to continue their education, or plan to immigration, etc. 
The jobs report also showed that the smooth employment and professional are closely related. In Australia, for example, in zhejiang students all have to find a job, is 73% find and his professing work. 
International students in Australia also has a choice of starting my own business after graduation, while 32% working in private companies, 26% worked in state-owned enterprises, 12% in bank; Worked in foreign companies more than 10%. Including nokia, Siemens, known in foreign consulate in Shanghai, citic securities, etc. 
Industry insiders predict, in the next few years, Australia's employment environment will be better. 
Because Australia's education minister said recently in Australia's international education conference, Albert will likely be simplified visa process measures to expand outside the training school to university, at the same time maximize the outstanding students chances of employment. 
Employment in science and engineering, most easily business employment is a difficult problem. 
Favourites employment, according to the students to study abroad in the United States can only be ranked second, 77.9% of the students in zhejiang after reading a master's degree, smooth employment within half a year or local homecoming. 
But relative to go to Australia to study abroad the high employment rate of graduates, let us feel even more amazing data, in all employment of students in zhejiang, nearly 25% of the local employment in the United States. 
Contrast the lower local employment situation of students, and the United States is the overall situation of employment is not optimistic at present, the figures show that international students in the United States the local employment situation is relatively good in zhejiang province. 
Students stay in the United States, the main work is scattered in the United States New York, California, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey and Washington, d.c., six states. 
Because of this a few state is a stronghold of first-class university in the United States, more elite talent pool, gradually became the United States many big companies and well-known enterprises to gather. Employment is relatively more. 
From a professional point of view, studying the current employment situation is one of the best professional computer, in addition, such as biology, physics, chemistry and other professional "technical flow", also is easier to get jobs. 
According to ADP data processing companies in the United States, according to the national employment report released pulling the growth of the main areas in science, technology and energy. Chinese students in the United States is the easiest jobs in science and engineering major. Business, social sciences, arts and other professional students, the employment in the United States is relatively difficult. 
But business is now the most popular with the students of zhejiang popular major. More than forty percent students choose business, followed by engineering, accounting for more than twenty percent, the last is art design, and social sciences. 
Business more studious, and private business owners in jiangsu and zhejiang area, to send their children to go abroad for business in the future, one thousand can't find the right job, still can come back to the business. 
Studied engineering students is not much, because part of the students and their parents think, engineering technical strong, find a job in the future more specific employment surface relative will be a little bit more narrow. 
International students learn business, employment competition fierce. However, also depends on the specific professional. We have learned, like accounting, marketing and financial professional, due to the employment of a wide, many students choose to return to, the employment rate low. 
Recently, we have nearly 6000 sea turtles and more than 2500 sea turtles for the investigation of the employment. According to the results, 15.6% of the returnees in financial industry, 9.6% higher than the sea turtles. 
This shows that on the one hand, the financial industry has a very strong attraction to overseas groups, on the other hand, expat community is the financial sector demand of talents. 
Stay in the local employment, the difficulty is very big. 
According to the survey, during July to October, 2011 in the UK studying mba students, only 70% within half a year to find a job, is among the lowest in the three study in hot countries. However, the data has been increased from a year ago. 
The rising trend, and Britain's economic recovery has certain relation, local jobs for some more. However, this is more related to professional. Engineering specialty, the major such as computer and electronics, for example, employment advantage is obvious. 
Education class professional obtain employment situation is very good also, employment direction is mainly for non-native English speakers students English classes, because of strong practicability, and the domestic employment market demand consistent - domestic schools and language training institutions, are all very need this aspect of the teacher. 
Landscape architecture specialty, home development also is pretty good, now also lack this aspect of the domestic high-end talent, while the British professional architecture is well known in the world. 
Also promising employment prospects, and the financial accounting major of America (MFA), these two years many graduate student in the home, directly into the bank. 
However, the graduate application difficulty is higher and higher, some of the top university, now students are required to provide the GMAT (the enterprise management postgraduate entrance examination). 
As for zhejiang students preferred media majors, back to the mainland employment difficulty will be bigger, it is to go to Hong Kong more development opportunities. However, to stay in the local employment, difficulty is very big. 
Last year, graduated from the university of Newcastle's classmate, lu graduate courses studied business, stay in the UK. She apply for experience, the key or into the circle of the locals, to participate in some social activities more at ordinary times. As she is because there are local warm-hearted friend's recommendation, get an interview, smooth employment. 
Other destinations 
The European 
Tell from the number, in recent years, overseas study of France, Germany, Italy, students of zhejiang province, more than go to the United States and other English speaking countries, the language more sad is a very important factor. 
To study abroad in the European countries, to master the local language such as French, German, Italian, and the vast majority of primary and secondary schools to open domestic foreign language, English and so must begin at the beginning, the amount of time and energy. 
But with less people to study abroad in these countries, its return to China after graduation if employment is not so competitive, select into European foreign words, language advantage is obvious, is better than the domestic college students looking for work. After graduation, but if you want to stay in local, paid internship opportunities, looking for work has the certain difficulty. 
Canada land area of the world, but only a population of 30 million, the university is less than 100, are in urgent need of all kinds of technical personnel, so the technology is relatively loose immigration policy, the school graduates are more valued. 
The employment situation of students, often and closely related to the local immigration policy. Studying in Canada, jobs actually not much, but the proportion of graduates in local higher. 
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