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French ESSEC business school graduates are very popular

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Core Tip:[studyabroadinFrancenetwork(faguo.Liuxue86.com)-theFrenchstudyabroadnews】advancedESSECbusinessschoolgraduatesareverypop
[study abroad in France network (faguo.Liuxue86.com) - the French study abroad news 】 advanced ESSEC business school graduates are very popular 
The rapid development of China's economy, stimulating each big enterprise demand for business management talents, especially to has the study abroad or overseas working experience of higher business talent demand has increased dramatically. To study abroad in France, especially to high gold content of ESSEC business school to study, has become an important option for the more and more Chinese young people, the whole international students of Chinese students in France at present, the number has accounted for the second. 
The French embassy official wei let Mr. Fang also talk about the offer preferential policies of the French government to students. He said that the Chinese and French students enjoy the same treatment in school, every year there will be 20000 provides to the international student scholarship, students while studying in France, can have more than 20 hours a week part-time jobs to make money. 
France's higher education quality is very high, in the world are first-rate. Within the eu's system of France, and its degree is not only recognized in France, and in the whole Europe is admitted. Last year, another more important thing is that, in mid-september method between the two governments signed an agreement, all of France's diploma, the Chinese government are all the same admit equal degree. 
Advanced ESSEC business school dean PierreTapie on BBS introduces the one hundred - year - old Mr The ESSEC business school of higher learning. Colleges all over the world, he says, with 118 partner schools, starting in 1985, the French ESSEC higher school and China's Peking University, tsinghua university, tongji university, fudan schools to carry out cooperation and exchanges. For more than 50 Chinese students each year, college, and their distribution in real estate, finance, sports management, luxury goods management MBA, hotel management, and other professional. 
Advanced ESSEC business school in 2003, says Mr PierreTapie only more than 600 foreign students, to have more than 1200 foreign students this year, they came from 82 countries and regions. Among all the foreign students, Chinese students, there are 120, they are all very good, very good grades of students. 
According to introducing, advanced ESSEC business school, with innovative ways to win in the field of international acclaim, is now France and Europe one of the most prestigious school of management. ESSEC college in 2007, the Wall Street journal business school ranked seventh in the league table, at the same time also is a pass the AACSB and EQUIS accreditation of higher schools. 
ESSEC business school in the job market is also very popular, according to HarrisInteractive, according to a survey of all the MBA graduates, in the field of "the most popular with the enterprise of the graduates", ESSEC is top of the list. Among all the schools around the world, popularity is ESSEC graduates was ranked fifth. 
Specifically, 65% of ESSEC students before graduation work signed a contract, 94% of the students in four months after the graduation can find a ideal job. Graduates if jobs in France, with the average salary at $65000. Outside the French national employment in the average wage of $95000. 
It is understood that the ESSEC graduate major in the field of three very different, the first is the political leaders, the second aspect is the senior management in the enterprise, the third is the business owner, is the company to open their own business 
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