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Travel to the UK to study abroad university accommodation increasing year by year

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Core Tip:[Britaintostudynetwork(yingguo.Liuxue86.com)-thecostofstudyinBritain】intheUKstudyintheuniversityaccommodationisincreasi
[Britain to study network (yingguo.Liuxue86.com) - the cost of study in Britain 】 in the UK study in the university accommodation is increasing year by year 
Has long been among college students in the UK, many have complained about the UK university accommodation is expensive. 
This kind of situation in the university is particularly acute in southern England, in general, and some famous university of London, such as the Oxford and Cambridge university in the north of accommodation is really expensive. 
Now, new data confirm that in the university campus every bed rents doubled in the past 10 years. 
The results of the survey 
In charge of related data from a British University property Association (The Association of University Directors of Estates) in a called "property: The foundation of The Higher Education" (Estates: The Foundations of who Education) published report. 
In recent years, the college students complained about rising accommodation. 
Data shows, each dormitory accommodation on campus beds for the interests of the university brought about 1400 pounds each year. 
Data show that in 2011-12, every bed of earning more than 4100 pounds, but the annual spending is high; Including utilities, spending about 2750 pounds a year. 
Digital multiplier 
Back in the 2002-03, when the campus dormitory beds offices is only about 2250 pounds each, half about just now. 
Include only those included in the investigation of the beds totally owned by university and provide the service units, not including private ownership of property. 
For most of students in the UK, accommodation is a big concern, high and relatively heavy tuition fees, many students decide, if conditions permit, they will still live at home, during the college in order to ease the burden. 
The original source: http://wWw.LiuXue86.Com/a/1784554.html 
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