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38 the toefl test in China in 2014 when it is necessary to add the examination site test

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Core Tip:In2014,Beijingtestreport-news】【tofel38gamesinChinawhenitisnecessarytoaddtheexaminationsitetestTofel38gamesinChinain201
In 2014, Beijing test report - news 】 【 tofel 38 games in China when it is necessary to add the examination site test 
Tofel 38 games in China in 2014 when it is necessary to add the examination site to take an examination of a "news by Beijing test report on December 10, liuxue86.com reproduced for studying abroad. 
Beijing test report - studying abroad (wwww.liuxue86.com), the ministry of education test center of studying abroad (wwww.liuxue86.com), the education testing service studying abroad (wwww.liuxue86.com) recently announced the toefl 2014 date. Were held toefl normal 38 games next year. 
ETS China office about project officer Liu Yunpeng remind examinee, examination, the examination site to report for duty time is at 8:30 in the morning, late will be refused admission. Candidates should hold the second generation id card original and after verification to enter. Second generation id card held by the examinee to check in advance to see if there is any breakage, electronic chip failure, expired, and other issues. Did not deal with the second generation id card of the candidates, especially young students, to go to the household registration in local police station to deal with the second generation id card to enter oneself for an examination. The examinee registration submitted when personal mailing address of studying abroad (wwww.liuxue86.com) will be used to receive important notifications and test scores, be careful, accurate fill in. 
In addition, toefl registration in 3 days before deadline, the examinee should grasp the good time. But candidates can repeat, the toefl exam twice at least 12 days apart, except the submission date and test date. 
The executive director of education service center toefl exam Jennifer Brown, last year, the number of students who want to take the test in China broke the record. Toefl will be closely watched by the competent department of test condition, increase test and examination, when necessary to meet the growing demand. Free sample questions, about the toefl test resources and other detailed information, candidates can pass the toefl official Chinese website. 
Source: http://www.qdcglx.org 
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