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Hainan university of the United States of the talent training plan for the double degree program

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Core Tip:Hainanuniversity,Chinanewsnetwork-news】【theUnitedStatesofAmericatalentcultivationplanofdoubledegreeprogramstartedTheha
Hainan university, China news network - news 】 【 the United States of America talent cultivation plan of double degree program started 
The hainan university of the United States of the talent training plan for the double degree program launch "news reported by China news network on December 10, liuxue86.com reproduced for studying abroad. 
Addition to haikou on November 29 (www.liuxue86.com) for studying abroad xinhua 28, learn from foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of hainan university, in 2014 the United States of the talent training plan for the 121 double degree program admissions application has now begun, the application object is the school of the university of hainan undergraduate class of 2012, 2013. 
According to introducing, "the talent training plan 121 double degree program is studying abroad (www.liuxue86.com) China international exchange association for education of studying abroad (www.liuxue86.com), the international education exchange center of studying abroad (www.liuxue86.com) and the American association of state universities and college studying abroad (www.liuxue86.com) for mutual cooperation and management of new higher education of China and the United States two-way exchanges and cooperation projects, has become a cultural exchange of China and the United States high-level consultation mechanism under the framework of one of the project. CCIEE and AASCU choice conditions of China and the United States institutions of higher learning studying abroad (www.liuxue86.com) as a member of the program, specific teaching task. As of September 2013, there are 120 Chinese and American university to participate in the project, which Chinese university by 96, the United States at the university of 24. 
Hainan university to join the project since 2009 were sent 5 batch of 46 students to participate in the project to study, so far, a total of two successive nine students have graduated to get both sides bachelor degree and degree of the school, including four students continue to famous universities abroad study for a master's graduate students. 
Source: http://www.qdcglx.org 
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