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Hong Kong young garden luxury tour raising children and parents pressure

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Hong Kong young garden at the ministry of education - news and information 】 【 luxury tour raising children and parents pressure 
When qdcglx.org on December 10th, 2013, 12 
Hong Kong schools hold tour for the third consecutive year, the people's livelihood academy kindergarten after Singapore and Taiwan, Ming (103) year Easter tour destination for the United States, 10 days tour itinerary, include a visit to Disney World, lego theme park, California, USA, Pacific Ocean aquarium, Los Angeles zoo and botanical garden, the children's museum, California science center, tusk bo cultural center, etc. Per cost is 24000 yuan to 300 million yuan, while the people's livelihood academy SMC will aid each in tour of the school children of hk $100 million, but the trip must be accompanied by at least a father or mother, after deducting fund namely, the cost of the two men are still up to hk $38000 to $500 million, students of other fees such as personal insurance premiums, fees and other fees, and shall be borne by the parents themselves. 
High fees activities related provoked the netizen, someone is expensive, travel long distances to the ultimate helpless children learn, and questioned the regiment or helicopter necessary conditions of the people's livelihood academy elementary school. Parents have ridiculed even kindergartens to travel and study in the United States, on the Internet so elementary and middle school students may want to go to the South Pole or even the moon. People's livelihood academy kindergarten principal kowalski b r. correction fluid response points out, the past have to do the similar activities, positive reaction, denied that related to rise small. 
Liao Fengxiang, chairman of the association of Hong Kong kindergartens, points out that the outside world feel baby is too small or difficult to absorb the learning content, but there is a big space to study, think that young children in the United States and Hong Kong respectively, help children contact new things, to induce thinking, believe tour productive; As to whether it is worthwhile to high cost, should by the parent. 
Association of Hong Kong kindergarten Tang Shaoxun criticism, kindergarten held American tour too exaggerated, unnecessary and impractical, due to the extent of the kindergarten students just learn five letters of the English word, so the arrangement in the United States to study washout, coupled with the young students is very forgetful, believe that students eventually benefit much. 
At the Chinese university of Hong Kong education department of psychology professor Hou Jietai ZhuoMin pointed out that today's parents to their children more and more nervous, participate in the tour also push small age, he thought the parents even if you don't mind tour expense, also need to pay attention to whether or not schedule design helps students grow up, the most important is there enough education elements. 
Hong Kong's legislative council education MPS Ye Jianyuan refers to the kindergarten have a free tour, but tour results of primary school has become a question, let alone is a kindergarten. Referring to tour for students of high school and college is useful, but the tour culture in recent years, the school gradually blow to elementary school and kindergarten is not healthy, promote the culture one of the reasons is the care years ago started funding tour of primary and secondary schools. Ye Jianyuan means to make good use of public money, care should be cancel the tour for elementary school funding, funding to less opportunity to exchange the money make associate degree student, he will discuss with the care the idea. 
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