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New Zealand education consultant - Beijing guomao

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 Industry  Copywriting consultant  Job  Copywriting consultant
 Recruitment department    Recruiting numbers  some
 Work area  Beijing  Nature of work  不限
 Gender requirements  不限  Marriage requires  不限
 Degree required  不限  Work experience  unlimited
 Age range  No age  Treatment level  negotiable
 Updated date  2013-12-27  Validity to  长期有效
Job description
1, responsible for answering customer calls, reception customer interview and answer the problems of network customers, providing customers with the necessary information, retain the customer information, seasonable pay a return visit. 2, to study contract with the customer, collect and check the customer application materials; 3, all the documents copy consultant, and in oral form in detail told document signed by the customer's individual situation, apply for school information, at the same time provide written materials; 4, keep in touch with contract customers, maintain customer relationship; Improve customer satisfaction; 5, superior to other tasks. 
Job requirements: 1, age between 25 to 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, any professional direction; 2, proficient in English listening, reading ability; 3, study abroad adviser or more than one year relevant working experience is preferred; 4, study abroad experience or study abroad industry work experience is preferred, master the basic knowledge and good sales skills; 5, outgoing personality, professional image and good at communication, strong affinity; 6, have strong dedication and professional spirit, the courage to accept the job difficult challenges, with innovative spirit and the team cooperation spirit. Has the good professional quality and strong sales consciousness, able to work under high pressure. Good communication, and language expression ability, strong execution; Have the same experience, studying background, and in person to apply for study abroad experience is preferred. Work location: Beijing guomao 010-58781723 recruitment contact phone, CV to email: candicebai@eic.org.cn 

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