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The Chinese university of Hong Kong with six knocking the school gate

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Core Tip:TheChineseuniversityofHongKongwithsixknockingtheschoolgateStudent:Gclassmate,otherthan211collegesanduniversities,CET-6,4


The Chinese university of Hong Kong with six knocking the school gate 
Student: G classmate, other than 211 colleges and universities, CET - 6, 477 
Admission to the school: the Chinese university of Hong Kong 
Case detailed analysis: 
G students school background, no language achievement, but G students comprehensive ability is strong, has a variety of practices and the award-winning experience of the game. Combining with G classmate, we sort out the following ideas do apply for preparation: 
1. Apply for Hong Kong schools, the result is a king. University of Hong Kong and overseas are very pay attention to the applicant's GPA, but G students professional achievement is good, won consecutive university-level scholarships. 
2. With a strong comprehensive ability. This, and cuhk "general education" idea coincides with mine. The interest is extensive, the students in the clothing design competition and essay competition won the honor. 
3. The application as soon as possible. The students decided to apply for the school in Hong Kong in October, and signed the contract with the kai tak. Takong opened in the network application, document the teacher is to submit application for the student in the first place. Hong Kong universities ShenXian record first, merit, so apply as soon as possible is also very important. 
4. Good PS, CV. Documents tailored to the student's teacher PS clear, focused, writes fluent. Also, excellent teacher recommendation letter is indispensable. The students filed two school, a school teacher's recommendation. Two of them are tutors, is also the director of the department of two, is expert in your field. 
Facts have proven that no ielts, IBT, GRE, undergraduate course is not 211 and 985 colleges and universities, also have the opportunity to be admitted to universities and scholarship. 
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