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"Gold" word leap high ranking and hitting the G5 top-tier universities

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Core Tip:Classmatesknowfieldfirsttime,thenletmeadmire,agirlcanlearncomputerissogood,duringtheuniversitynotonlyhasmaintainedthehig


Classmates know field first time, then let me admire, a girl can learn computer is so good, during the university not only has maintained the high gpa of 4.2, includes various categories of academic scholarship, there are many professional internship, learning and practice driving so perfect! So good students purpose nature understand that dream prior to application for Britain's five top universities, but a lot of the top universities in the country to apply for have varying degrees of hidden rules, such as Oxford, Cambridge and the university of London UK G5 high school is generally only 30 even before the China top 10 university students, this undoubtedly for many excellent students with invisible shackles, tian students understand their own school background like a ruthless knife stabbing pain of his own soft inside, to apply for the university of the first five no confidence, said to me, "teacher, I dare not to think, Britain's top five university as far as possible to help me to apply for the front of the university is good! Look so good students because school low-ranking and miss out on these top universities, feel sorry, I encouraged her to no matter how we have to try! In order to conquer the school background, we are in the process of the entire application materials prepared, tend to weaken the soft inside, use our high copy, this experience, academic ability of students and professional internship experience made more quality and strengthen the carry bright, after high-end instrument of refined packaging, tian promote students documents with high gold! Especially the G5 know British university application regularity of different high-end colleges, on the time we do the precision control, the entire application process details a bit afraid to relax. High and sure enough, the "gold" document for the British school a very deep impression, let the school take orally. Less than 2 weeks, we received the letter of admission from the university of London, the heavy pressure in the heart of many shackles successfully solved by us! True should the old saying, sincerely will find a way! 


【 】 student file 


Name: tian classmate 


ILETS: 6.0 GPA: 4.2 


Highest degree: 


Beijing normal university, zhuhai campus computer professional 


Admitted to the school and professional: 


London university professional web design and data analysis 


【 consultant speech 】 


Applications has always been a lot of the country's top university, virtually the unwritten rules of the school background requirements, prevented many itself condition is superior the dream of the students enrolled in school, but does not give up trying, so as long as good at on the documents clever carry bright, build their own core competitiveness, the best control application time, not afraid to knock don't open the door to the world's top universities! 


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