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Give up the mountain, I choose to Singapore management university!

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Welcome to visit kai tak education Wang Rong blog! 


【 】 student file 


Name: cao classmate 


Highest degree: 2010 high school graduates, now a freshman at the shandong finance academy 


The university entrance exam, 598 points (more than a line 18 points in shandong) 


Intention to apply for colleges and universities: the world's top business university 




Students from shandong province key middle school, the school, more pay attention to comprehensive development, reading books very much, area wide vision, understanding of things than deep, mature age students. Because of not focused on high scores of students, the university entrance exam 598 points can't was admitted to a key university in China, students usually good at English. 


【 consultant comments 】 


Students' oral English, pronunciation is not very standard, but dare to dare to speak, during the summer camp in Singapore do everything possible to communicate with foreign students, allow yourself to get the biggest benefit. 


In September at Singapore management university entrance exam, to successfully, enrolled in Singapore management university prep. In June, after examination and interview, the student has been enrolled in school specialized courses. 

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