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Ordinary high school students can also attend the German art colleges and universities

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Core Tip:【】studentfilename:classmateage:16Gender:maleHighestdegree:ordinaryhighschoolhighschoolreadingAdmittedtotheschoolandpro


【 】 student file 


• name: classmate 


• age: 16 


Gender: male 


Highest degree: ordinary high school high school reading 


Admitted to the school and professional: rich, prosperous root piano art university 


【 consultant comments 】 


The situation of the classmate there are two disparate features: 


1. Small age, just full 16 years old, has not yet reached 18 one full year of life, belong to minors. When applying for study abroad need to add some more formalities, get legal guardian is the written consent of their parents, and do the notarized, and then sent to the embassy to study abroad to be a minor dual certification, the material requirements of the embassy here to issue student visa. 


2. The school is a full-time ordinary high school, not the arts professional schools, and rich, prosperous root art university project belongs to the APS group audit project, audit process need to issue a corresponding certificate materials, students do not need to stay in Beijing personally audit department for an interview. So, classmate want to directly apply for rich, prosperous root art university project, in the APS material preparation will be more attention, in addition to leave, audit department official regular material, also need to provide some such as music employs proof of certificates, all kinds of music, games, etc. In dormant state, to leave the audit department of audit personnel proved the applicant itself while attending ordinary high school, but he is a music foundation and talent, so, apply for the rich, prosperous root art university project is logical. 


Classmate to successful application cases give us inspiration, is since the childhood has been ordinary schools and non-professional music students of the school you want to get rich, prosperous root art project at the university of must provide written proof of some materials, prove that the applicant in learning music since I was a child, is a good prospect, can smoothly through the APS audit, to get the umpire certificate. In addition, the age of 18 one full year of life, also can apply to our rich, prosperous root art university projects, as long as in the process of application for a more minor dual certification materials. So, age is not a big project value of factors, many successful cases tell us that as long as the students' professional quality is high, there is considerable opportunity to be admitted into rich large projects. 



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