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A Japanese visa "dead" kai tak "buttoned"

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In early July, L classmates parents hurriedly ran to the front of me, ruing, regret to described to me up at the beginning he listen to the friend introduction, choose to help their children to apply for Japanese language classes at a private university, without our help, L classmates parents spent more than three months time to make the application materials, and often for the production of a certificate of the repeated N times, more painful is to communicate with Japanese school is not smooth, often let him fall into a state of passive and overwhelmed. Material to "reunion", parents nervously waiting for every day Japan into the administration of the audit results, unexpectedly rectified, return is a "child was turned down," and was rejected for no clue, the school also has not been told parents rejected for sure. 


L students parents regret very much at this moment, thinking about wasted so long time not to say, important is the precious time delayed children to study abroad, also greatly influence the child next to apply for the Japan study abroad visa rate. So he made up his mind to, this time he must not make confused, so he found me, think we can help your child get the Japanese student visa. 


L parents showed that children this year just graduated from college classmate, originally thought to help their children to apply for studying in Japan in October this year, this dream seems to be shattered, watched fellow graduate students have the landing, L students heart suddenly cold. I look at the children down, encouraged him to immediately said: "one failure could not prove that failed every time, I will do my best ability to help you". L the classmate's eyes immediately rekindle the flame of hope... Time and tide wait for no man, in order to let the children study well catch up with the same period, the same go October entrance, we only have 2 weeks to make the material. So I chose Japan's national language school for him. (the national language school than ordinary private language schools to submit the material to time about a month later) 


Japan's visa is not a trifling matter, especially in the case of no clear reason for refusal. We are doing the L classmate of his conviction of hard in the far more than the three regular student application. We first contact L classmates had to apply for the school, ask the school to provide the L classmates rejected reason and filing of all details. Quickly replied to our school. When L classmates refused reason is the least likely to his conviction of the reasons of "material untrue 'funds, we immediately realized that we face is the biggest challenge. After we communicate with parents repeatedly detailed questions about the money material, according to our experience, we have let parents provides supplementary material for his conviction. Finally, we duly submitted all updated material. A month later, the good news came, L classmates succeeded in immigration status in Japan, won the Japan study abroad visa in mid-september. L students in just three months, finally realized the dream of studying in Japan, the family three people together to come to our departure will be born in October, when the eyes are a tears, on excited to say a word... 



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