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Little women conquer big examiner successfully enrolled in UCL

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Core Tip:Studentbackground:Name:JueSchool:capitalnormaluniversityEnglishmajorsLevelofstudyabroad:amaster'sdegreeGPA:3.92IELTS:7Ap



Student background: 


Name: Jue 


School: capital normal university English majors 


Level of study abroad: a master's degree 


GPA: 3.92 




Application results: UCL at university college London 


Apply for professional: cultural heritage research 


Background introduction: 


University college London, as a world-famous universities. UCL has always been to Oxford and Cambridge, the imperial and the London school of economics and together referred to as the "G5" super elite universities, it is also a member of the Russell group. UCL in traditionally among staff and students, with 18 Nobel Prize winners. Among the staff, there are 39 royal society, 13 Royal Academy of engineering academician and academicians, 83 medical colleges. 


Jue is a friend's sister. Calm like water. And she'll find out communication, is a wide range of knowledge, and a strong toughness of small woman. By knowing that, Jue and young aunt quite deep feelings. Young aunt used to studying at university college London, now settled in the UK. All along, the younger sister is very support Jue to apply for the UK, at the same time, Jue grade is also very hope to have the honor to young aunt's Alma mater. So, to UCL, Jue possesses a kindness and yearning. 


Before applying for, there is a small twists and turns, unlike most of the students, Jue when choosing profession, business, no such popular major, but choose according to their interest in the culture class. In communication, mom and dad are all produced don't understand. Worry about the future employment and other issues. Jue think, however, every industry is the need to be the most professional talent. Moreover, only like, can put your talents to the maximum. Reasoned analysis with oneself, to persuade the parents. 


Application process: 


Copy - Fan Naining teacher, high-end application specialists. Copy the teacher depth excavation student's academic background and social activities. To fully demonstrate the love of students in the field, as well as personal qualities and academic ability. Carefully integrating application sent out after the school students were invited for a telephone interview. Copy the teacher interview questions, did the guide for students. In the interview last night as planned. Basic around text teacher to problems of outline. School teacher is Jue PS, puts forward a few problems, progress smoothly. There is only one issue of cultural theory, got Jue by asking. However, does not affect Jue interview results. Only small woman deeply impressed the UCL strain capacity of the examiner. Visible, the interview process focuses on is not the students to understand all the knowledge and theory, and pay more attention to students' thinking ability. Soon, this morning, open the mail, we received the notice of the school. Jue received notice, very excited, finally, to young aunt in the same school. 


[source: kai tak dalian branch anglo-irish department adviser Yang Jiajia blog 】 



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