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German design class students study content

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Core Tip:[students]Name:zhouclassmateEducationbackground:ChinaacademyofarthomedesignJohannWolfgangvonGoethe,Germanlevel:B2Commiss





Name: zhou classmate 


Education background: China academy of art home design 


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German level: B2 


Commissioned time: in February 2010 


Admission to the school: Berlin UDK Berlin university of the arts, MHN Munich institute of plastic arts 


"Case analysis" 


Design engineering is a very embarrassing for German students professional direction, both neither can enjoy pure professional art language preferences (pure art requirements is low, industrial design needs to pass DSH), at the same time to do the APS DE audit certification. And when we sign a contract, the student is preparing for graduation, German is A2 level. In order to pass APS audit, we first give her to do training courses, and then word modify she is ready to material. In our joint efforts, the students in German to A2 level. After suspended due to family reasons to go abroad, in January 2011 I started her application again. 


In the process of suspended, students in the Goethe institute completed the B2 phase of language courses. After restart, according to the established plan we applied for 5 schools for her, help her prepare a portfolio, according to the requirements of the school and translation with the introduction of the collection. In these 5 schools is one of the most famous university of the arts Berlin and Munich institute of plastic arts, the college is the art of Germany's top colleges and universities, whether the application materials to prepare or communicate with the school, we have conducted meticulous planning. 


In August 2011, good news coming from Germany, she was admitted to the two schools at the same time, finally chose the Munich university of plastic arts. Through this case, in the hope that those who think of the German study design class professional students must be well prepared. 



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