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Rehabilitate case three

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Core Tip:RehabilitatecasethreeStudentname:sunclassmatesBackground:theuniversityofHongKongGPAof3.521yearsworkingexperienceinKPMGLS


Rehabilitate case three 




Student name: sun classmates 


Background: the university of Hong Kong GPA of 3.52 1 years working experience in KPMG LSE MSc Finance requirements: no IC - MSc Finance requirements: no 


The reason for failure: 


1. The document window and key to highlight 


2. Apply for follow-up is not timely 


Kai tak did help: 


1. Tap into students' background information, many students think little value, in experienced copywriter teachers have very big effect; 


2. Document comprehensive packaging; 


PS: to strengthen the student's education experience, now work background and how students have a clear career planning, strengthen the student's professional and strong image; 


RL: updated content, students' DIY use focuses on student's academic and research ability, and problem-solving skills; 


CV: subversion students DIY version used failure, in the aspect of layout, words and material under the drudgery, concise and generous and to the point. 


1. Net "operation: LSE with IC to use" system is more complex, copy the teacher in the process of filling in for carefully deal with sensitive information. 


2. To follow up - a precise, grasp every step follow up points, the first time to get reply school; Even behind students delayed admission, the school is the first time agreed. 



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