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Study abroad in Japan: registration certificate how to deal with?
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Foreigners in Japan in the left, go to Japan study abroad to Japan after 90 days, must do foreigners to log in. Login place in residence zone. The city government. Before the registration application, and then to get the registration certificate to wait about two weeks. 
When applying for login foreigners need to: 
(1) a foreigner registration application 
(2) passport 
(3) 2 photo (longitudinal 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm). 
About the photo requirements are as follows: 
Is a photo of the applicant himself 
Camera is the last six months 
Written in standard size (size face is from the top of the head to the chin) 
Are full-faced photos 
Don't background 
Clear and bright 
Registration certificate must take foreigners while going out 
Registration certificate must take foreigners while going out. If the police and other government departments of administrative law-enforcement officers said, "please show foreigners registration certificate", have the duty to show. 
Foreigner registration certificate login number must be written in the manual, etc 
Foreigner registration certificate, because every day with you at all times relationships have the possibility of lost or stolen. Please be sure to remember the registration certificate number on the other paper, good preservation. Passport, too. For important documents of keeping and getting lost in the corresponding is your own responsibility. 
Residence and during the period of stay, the immigration status changed 
Change the login () within 14 days from the date of change 
Change of domicile, or go to college after the immigration status from the original "study" to "study abroad", or change during the stay when login content change, from changes within 14 days from the date of must to the login area. The city government to the change of the login. Need only foreigners login certificate registration certificate (foreigners) and passport (changes during the period of stay updated and qualifications). 
Other moves in a new residential area. The city of the change of the login. There is no need to old area. Go to the city government. 
The return on a registration certificate 
Graduate to return home, or to study in a third country, foreigners have to return the registration certificate. Refund formalities is in Japan at the airport or port is dealt with, or directly to the airport in the examination of officer. 
The login confirmation (within 30 days from the base date) 
Foreigners login is must do one login confirmation for five years. Please write to foreigners in from the base date on the registration certificate within 30 days. On the surface of the base date see "certificate of underside. What you need is a passport. Certificate of foreigners login. 2 photos (longitudinal 4.5 cm, 4.5 cm). 
When snatched foreigner registration certificate is lost 
Foreigner registration certificate is one of the important items to prove identity. Please very attention preservation, be careful not to lose. But because every day with a relationship, there are also may be lost, and other things to forget to put together place, such as stolen accident. 
Then, please new issuance formalities in accordance with the following steps as soon as possible. 
1. The first proposed "to lost" and "report theft" 
To live by the police department or police station near region or missing, put forward "the lost" or "theft". Encountered not only foreigner registration certificate, passport, or a wallet and other valuables when lost or stolen, also the same. 
"The lost", "to steal" must be directly to the window, in written on the paper. Only the phone is can't solve. 
2. Within 14 days from the day he lost, apply for to deal with 
Lost if foreigners, a registration certificate in within 14 days from the day he lost shall go through the formalities of application again. To have to deal with foreigners login window to government, explain the circumstances, apply for to deal with. If you know the login number, then fill do formalities is easier. 
To fill do formalities: passport and 2 photos (longitudinal 4.5 cm, 4.5 cm). 

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